Friday, November 25, 2011

Wasiat buat awak


Maaf. Semua ni saya yang salah. Saya yang mulakan dulu. I should not start this at the first place. I'm sorry. How stupid I was. Don't ever blame yourself. This is my problem.

crying every night.. :'(

I gave my heart to you. I don't think I can take it back. Don't worry. I can live without it although I'm not as strong as you are. :')

I learned so many things from you. My joy, my sadness...everything happened, I told you first. I got so many friends after I know you. So many new words...hihi..ekeke..
I started saving money...just for the future

Hopefully next time we meet again, but as husband and wife... :')

Ya Allah, berikanlah kekuatan kepadaku untuk menanggung rasa ini...
k bye


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